Veterinary Visit

Kuros new collar

So today our humans decided to take us to the vet.  They think that we are happy because they bought us new collars.  Well, they don’t know that Midna and I are not happy about getting three shots each and getting our behinds poked.  No! We ain’t happy about that.  Guess who’s not getting any sleep tonight?  MEOW!!!  It’s payback!!


Howdy Y’all!


Hey y’all! I’m Kuro; Midna’s tormentor and daily headache.  I can’t count how many times she hisses and growls at me.  But I just don’t care cause I’m from East Texas straight from Apache territory!  We texans go forward and never look back.

Besides, all I wanna do is play with her.  Why won’t she like the looks of me?  Am I not cute enough?  The best thing about me is that little dangling skull that my servants got me the day I adopted them.

What I most liked about them was when they changed my name from silly Merlin too to Kuro.  Later on, I discovered that Kuro is the japanese word for black.  Ain’t that cool?  I loved the change and I’m also so grateful for the way my servants feed me, clean me and play with me.  They also let me lay beside them so in exchange I let them pet me all over.

I love it when they throw a ball far away; I will immediately run for it and bring it back to them so they can throw it again.  It’s so much fun!  I may not be as furry or short-legged as Midna but I’m more charming and adorable and I never growl to my servants.  I do wonder why they scream at me whenever I play with the window’s blinds.  I love the way the pieces of blinds fall to the floor whenever I tear them with my powerful claws.

I wonder what the word “destructive” means?  They repeat it over and over.  But whatever! Y’all should know that I ain’t going nowhere.  Only to where my plate is so I can eat again…  Bye!!

Welcome to My Page!


So, today I’ve been very busy regarding my future career as a furry celebrity.

I’ve been typing away with my paws nonstop. And I believe it has paid off.

Just look at my creation, it’s beautiful, is it not?


I’ll be posting at least once a week, so keep your eyes on the computer and your paws on the keyboard!